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New Additions

I added new pages to the site, "3D Projects" and "Sketches/Doodles".

I've been working on several 3D projects and researching the best methods to display them in my portfolio. Although I tried using a platform like Sketchfab, I ultimately don't like the idea. Nothing against Sketchfab, but I am finding through first-hand experience that transferring 3D models from one program to another has its complications. Namely, how the 3D platform interprets the data.

EX: Using Element 3D (Video Copilot) in After Effects, I learned that this plugin cannot apply transparency like AE treats a layer. Instead, users need to have Opacity Maps liked to their models and then "force" opacity.

It's these minor differences between programs that becomes frustrating. After spending many hours fixing broken geometry of imported Solidworks models in 3DS Max, I upload to platform like Sketchfab or Augment to find (sometimes) the geometry is misinterpreted and requires additional time fixing or mending.

In the end, my portfolio is better off with simple image sequence renders that highlight the model's work.

As to the sketches, I'm proud of these side gigs that allow me to practice my eye-hand coordination and mimicry. No sense in leaving it unfiltered solely on Instagram.

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